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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating really enhances a bathroom space. Tiled bathroom floors are much easier to deal with, they’re cleaner and more hygienic but the tiles can be cold to the touch.

Electronic underfloor heating prevents that, warming the tiles just enough to take the edge off, ensuring that when you step into the bathroom, those first steps are warm and comforting.

We also work with ‘wet’ underfloor heating, where radiators are removed in favour of heating your space from the floor. Not only does this free up your wall space, allowing you much greater flexibility of layout, it also removes the often unsightly radiators from the walls as well. Wet underfloor heating is part of the main household heating system. It uses a series of manifolds to distribute the hot water across the space, it’s connected directly to your household boiler.

Whether you choose electronic or ‘wet’ underfloor heating, the solutions can be zoned allowing you to only heat certain areas of the building at certain times of day, and if technology is your thing, it can all be linked into your phone as well via an app.

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