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Traditional bathroom

Traditional bathroom

What is a traditional bathroom? Some people would call this vintage, others classic…however you describe it, Masters Bathrooms always deliver the highest quality designs and installation. We work with these products and materials all the time, so we know what works, in what space and how to configure solutions for the most demanding of rooms.


This bathroom brings together the very best traditional fittings, such as a claw foot bath and ornate washing stand with the contemporary coolness of teal brick tiles and a dark slate floor. We work with many interior designers and architects experimenting with finishes and materials, we’re proud of our good relationships with these people and the things that we’ve learn along the way. We’re not phased by new products, or old techniques that people want to revisit and re-introduce, our team includes bespoke joiners and cabinet makers, floor and tiling experts, plumbers and electricians…all time served, professional people who will go the extra mile to deliver a first class bathroom solution.


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