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Small walk-in shower room

Small walk-in shower room

Having an extra bathroom is a real asset to any house. Many loft conversions leave you with sloping rooflines, adding a bathroom to these new spaces brings incredible versatility and really adds value. We have years of experience delivering all type of bathrooms and always like a challenge.


Design is everything in a smaller bathroom, there is a limited amount of room and personal need often dictates that there has to be a shower, wash basin and toilet within the space. Getting the layout of these right, working with the plumbing and infrastructure of the house is key. We like a challenge and this was a small space of a walk-in shower…but we did it and it works a treat.


In an ideal world we’re the first trades onsite after a conversion or extension, in the real world this is often not the case. The logistics of how we get materials to site, where we store them and how we deal with any waste are all important aspects of the finished job. With year of project management and delivery behind us, we know what we need where and when. This ensures that there is the minimum disturbance to your daily life and an efficiency to our time on site.


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