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Rustic brick

Rustic brick

Design is very personal…finding the objects that you connect with takes time, but when you find them there’s a special magic that happens. This bathroom has that magic.

The client has passionate about the floor of the property – old country brick that has loads of character. They wanted to recreate some of the floor brick pattern found on the ground floor in an ensuite (on the first floor). The space was currently being used as a bedroom so we were asked to help design and specify this space, working closely with the client and the brick floor covering that they wanted.

The bedroom wasn’t huge, so the ensuite needed to work hard. Space was at a premium (as it often is), so we developed a small footprint that would compliment the size and shape of the bedroom and the property in general. A corner shower allowed us to get a wash basin and toilet into this small space. The floor was always going to be the start of this particular show, so we suggested very simple, plain white enclosure. This was complimented by modern sink and toilet with mid-sized gloss white tiles. The half height retaining wall makes this small ensuite really bright and airy.

As you can see, we don’t just fit bathroom suites. The team are quite comfortable creating stud work and partitions, plastering and all the services that accompany any bathroom including electricians. We also have our own decorators, ensuring that we deliver a turn-key solution.


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