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Masters offers a comprehensive range of heating and plumbing services. We design and install everything…including boilers and heating systems.


Your domestic heating requirements will change over time, the demands of your system to provide seamless hot water, on tap, is no mean feat. Many new homes are ill equipped for the reality of two or three showers running simultaneously, let alone washing machines and other high demand appliances or small plant (for hot tubs, jacuzzi’s or swimming pools). We are the bathroom and heating experts, we can advise what you’re going to need behind the scenes to satisfy your needs.

Older homes face different issues, heating systems are usually tired and no longer fit for purpose, upgrading to new technology with increase efficiency and improve the overall experience for everyone in the house. Modern boilers, pressurised hot water tanks and flow manifolds bring increased volumes, quicker reaction times (often instant) and lower household bills.

We also consult on new build projects, whether they be self-build or commercially developed homes, we can help realise the potential of the space and deliver solutions that will enhance the day to day life for everyone living in that building.


Our heating design and boiler installation experience extends into small and medium commercial installations including hotels, leisure and various industrial units. We have helped business owners create pleasant working environments, embracing new technology, renewables and alternative energy sources such as solar to provide heating that is both practical and scaleable for the business needs.

We consult on new build, redevelopment and conversion projects, where our knowledge can help realise a greater potential from the space available and deliver solutions that will enhance the day to day life for everyone working in that building.